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We make a significant and lasting impact on our clients’ bottom line and growth of their people – leaving their team in a better place than before. With experience working for both large and midsize companies, our people are multi-disciplined in strategy, sales, business operations, information technology and large-scale program management. No matter the industry or business problem, our experience leads each of our clients to the same result every time: improved, sustainable value.

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A few more of our success stories:

Assessment and Roadmap

A $50M healthcare imaging software solution company, entered into an agreement to acquire a computer imaging company for $50M and required assistance in planning and obtaining the maximum synergies from the acquisition. The company looked to our team to manage the activities, deliver a roadmap and drive the execution. 

SAP Implementation

A $5B global manufacturer of flexible packaging materials launched a business transformation program to implement SAP across their North American Divisions. However, the program had significant challenges and was stopped after a few years due to significant gaps with the business requirements and controls needed to significantly transform the business. The company engaged our team to evaluate the SAP program and recommend a path forward.

Operating Income Improvement Analytics

From a previous collaboration with a client on an ERP transformation program, we recognized that there were potential opportunities to improve the sales processes. Our team worked with the company to develop a yield management process and toolset that leverages their transaction data to generate powerful management reports to identify areas to increase pricing across products, customers and regions. 

ERP Evaluation and Selection

The nation’s largest wholesale distributor of roofing materials and one of the nation’s largest distributors of siding, windows and other select exterior building products had concerns about their current systems supporting future growth plans and evolving customer engagement requirements. We conducted a current state assessment by interviewing key stakeholders across the organization, including the executive team, corporate functional owners and branch management. 

Joint Partnership Profit Model

Two building supply companies, one a leading manufacturer of external sheathing and the other, a leading manufacturer of sealants, both provide products to commercial contractors when building air/water barriers into external walls. Collaboratively the two companies identified a market opportunity to significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the system, by developing a joint product by pre-treating the external sheathing with the air/water barrier. Our team quickly explored several high level options for funding the partnership and assessing the distribution of profits: Private Equity model, Equal Partner model and a Hybrid model.

ERP Implementation and Legal Entity Reorganization

A $3B fertilizer manufacturer acquired its competitor for $3B and as part of the integration planning, it was determined a new enterprise platform was needed to successfully integrate the two companies and support future growth. Our team was engaged as an independent advisor to the CEO for this $40M, 18-month implementation.

Operating Income Improvement

Over the past 10 years, the client, a family owned manufacturing company, experienced rapid growth adding new customers and products to their portfolio. As the company grew, the processes to support Customer, Product and Vendor data could not keep pace. Our team worked with the client’s sales management, CFO and CEO to develop pricing yield management processes and toolsets that leveraged their transaction data to generate focused management reports to identify areas to increase pricing across products, customers, and regions.

Technology Strategy

A leading supplier of electrical equipment and components was seeking to modernize its online presence, digital marketing and servicing capabilities through the deployment of eCommerce and mCommerce solutions. After an internal review of options, the company was concerned with the scale of investment and resource commitments necessary to achieve their future vision. They reached out to our team to assist in identifying the most critical capabilities and align them with their level of investment through a measured, incremental approach, taking into account their existing platforms, capabilities and resources.

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