Tom Lebamoff

Managing Partner, Co-founder, CEO

Tom Lebamoff

Education / Certifications

Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering, Purdue University

Active Investor and Board Member 

Chicago Crain’s Magazine – Mergers and Acquisitions – May 28th, 2018 

The 10 Most Trusted Consultant Companies 2018 –InsightSucce

Tom shares his “Why” in the video below


Tom Lebamoff is the CEO, Managing Partner and Founder at Exactus with 31 years of professional services experience.  He is responsible for the firm’s strategy, growth, client value (in the eyes of the client) and the mentoring of the Exactus team members.  He has been published in numerous publications.   

Tom currently works with some of the most inquisitive organizations in the world.  He has had a long and distinguished career and provides a wide range of advisory and consulting services to his clients.  

Tom specializes in operational efficiencies, profit improvement, and digital transformation.  He has spent years assisting his clients with cross functional business alignment, strategy execution and complex M&A transaction support.  Tom has deep experience in complex program risk management, executive alignment and communication management at the C-suite and board level.  

Tom is a driven and passionate leader with a skillset for quickly reading a situation, breaking down the problem, preparing “practical” plans to get things done, while developing people and building high-performing teams to get results.  

Clients hire Tom, due to his relentless focus on action, while managing the risk and bringing the team together. He leaves the client in a better place. 

Client Testimonials

“As an advisor, Tom is one of the truest examples of a catalyst for positive change. As a catalyst for change, Tom has the unique ability to not only identify new and innovative ideas but more importantly transfer them from theory to practical solutions that solve critical business needs. Tom’s ability to solve these needs is due to the fact that he doesn’t service clients but instead works with them as partners. In my time working with Tom, I’ve always been impressed by how much he cares about his partners and is willing to take the time to learn about their businesses and challenges. This willingness to learn and partner spans from the shop floor to the corner office and allows Tom to deliver meaningful and lasting change for his partners.

— Bill Matthias, VP of Finance, Knauf Insulation NA

“Tom’s key asset is his ability to quickly break down complex problems, identify business risks, assess business value and provide actionable and practical recommendations. I consider him a trusted advisor who truly partners with his clients.”

— Ken Johnsen, CIO, Energy and Transportation Group at Caterpillar Inc.