Steve Brokop


Steve Brokop


During my time with Exactus Advisors, I have supported a variety of projects in a wide range of industries. From project management at a software company to building technology tools for buying groups, I have broadened my knowledge of companies’ technological needs and how to meet them. The most rewarding part of my time with Exactus has been being able to connect with new people in a variety of different roles to help make their businesses better. Working with everyone, from Vice Presidents to software coders, and building these relationships has been the most fulfilling part of my role.

My current role has me creating software for an industry that suffers from heavy technical debt with outdated systems and capabilities. Through new technological development, we are providing analytical functionality to enhance our clients’ business decisions on a daily basis. It’s our job to think like our clients and anticipate their needs in order to build the most effective system possible. It’s this aspect that plays to my resourcefulness and pragmatism in order to propose creative solutions to a project’s complications or obstacles.

My wife and I welcomed our first child earlier this year and time outside of work is spent discovering the joys of fatherhood. We love finding the latest culinary hotspots, enjoying the various Chicago festivals, and lazy Sundays spent indoors.

Education / Certifications

BS in Finance: University of Illinois at Chicago

Client Testimonials

“Steven was brought into the project near the end. He had to, and was able to quickly come up to speed on all we were doing…Steven is and was a good cultural fit for Dynatrace – neither too rigid nor too loose. He kept the meetings as fun as possible, and as brief as possible. He was very helpful with keeping my project managed, offering his assistance numerous times wherever needed.”

“Due to an internal resource shift, I was a late addition to a project that Steve was managing for us. Steve was able to quickly bring me up to speed on the project, put me in touch with all of the involved business partners, and handled that transition with no detriment to the project timelines. Once underway, I could always rely on Steve to provide me with timely answers to any questions I had on project requirements, actions, timelines etc. Steve was extremely adept at handling our business users who weren’t always in communication with each other before putting forth requirements. Given that it was my first major project at Dynatrace (and I was attached late), I can state without reservation that we would not have been able to adhere our mileposts and timelines without Steve’s expert guidance.”