Steve Zingsheim

Managing Partner

Steve Zingsheim


WI Business Administration, University of Wisconsin Madison 

Steve shares his “Why” in the video below


Steve is a highly-motivated and results orientated executive within the building products distribution and manufacturing sectors; he has a proven track record of providing exemplary operational improvement results to client’s bottom line. 

His 30 years of experience providing impactful results in industry has benefited Exactus clients in rapidly identifying opportunities and effectively implementing profitable change.  

He is most passionate about improving clients utilization of the data they own and available external data to drive operational improvements in pricing, cost, margin, revenue, inventory and logistics. Steve believes in transparency and accountability when delivering business analytics. He strives to develop business analytics that are intuitive and actionable to drive decision making without the additional interpretation that is needed when viewing mainstream “out of the box” business intelligence platforms.  

He enjoys expanding his personal and professional relationships thru his past and present clients and industry trade associations. 


I feel very proud of working with our clients to deliver more than expected. A good example is a recent client engaged us to deliver 275 basis points of pricing improvement, not only did we deliver nearly 2 times the improvement, along the way we changed the culture on how pricing was viewed by the organization from the “pricing police” to “optimizing” the return on the value of the products and services they provide. Additionally, the entire organization became much smarter about the right price for each product, region and market segment. They can now build on their knowledge long after our engagement is over.