Scott Dixon

Operating Partner

Scott Dixon


I have 20 years of management consulting experience with an emphasis on strategy development, operating model improvements, organizational designs, IT / capability planning, analytics and M&A DD, PE Portfolio performance improvement. I advise and facilitate clients in designing corporate strategies and their associated operating models to support corporate goals such as sales growth, market penetration, margin improvement, cost reduction and efficiency gains. My industry experience is broadly B2B with focus in manufacturing, distribution, CPG, software and PE.

I enjoy teaming with clients in a hands-on and iterative manner to design business and operating models solutions. We never run away to a team room to design solutions in isolation. We design the options and solutions with clients step by step.


Education / Certifications

Master of Business Administration – Marketing, Georgia State University

Bachelor of Business Administration – Finance, University of Georgia


Client Testimonials

“Scott’s leadership brought together the Marketing, Business Development and Technology departments and stakeholders to create new functions, processes and roles so that the company can more quickly and effectively respond to commercial opportunities. His attention to detail while driving-out the broader, strategic view was critical to our success.” 


— Bob LaCroix
Chief of Corridor Development, Amtrak