Eric Reibsane

Operating Partner

Eric Reibsane


MBA in Marketing, Saint Leo University 

BS in Computer Science, Saint Leo University 



With over 28 years of enterprise experience, including more than 18 years of executive leadership as a CIO, Eric serves clients as both a trusted advisor and an experienced leader.  

His background as an executive allows him to empathize with his clients as they address significant decisions. 

Eric enjoys working as a partner to clients as they navigate complex opportunities and challenges. The chance to share his experience as a coach and mentor is a highlight of his work. He has had the good fortune to develop many long-term relationships with his clients, many of whom have become friends. 

Eric believes the opportunity to develop a meaningful connection with diverse clients and business partners is the top benefit of being a part of the Exactus Advisors culture.

Client Testimonial

“Eric is one the finest “big picture” CIOs I got to know in my career. He is empathetic and understands the culture of the organization he is working with very well. As a leader in a consultancy, he must bridge day to day operational client work whilst adding value to the client company’s strategy. Eric and the team demonstrated the right amount of pragmatism needed to move forward with important transformation work but always differentiated themselves with the insight they brought to the table. Eric effectively communicates sharp ideas with conviction, while possessing an eager and open mind. Eric is very valued by me as a strategic advisor and friend.”


— Barbara-Maria Loth, Chief Digital Officer, Knauf