Nina Raff


Education / Certifications

BS in Education, Loyola University Chicago


Nina has over 12 years of experience in the area of education, coaching and 5 years of experience in managing a self-employed tutoring and health business. Nina got her bachelor’s degree in teaching specializing in math from Loyola University in Chicago, IL. Nina led classrooms up to 60 students and was an instructional leader for beginner teachers. Nina has exceled in creating engaging instructional lessons for students along with leading interactive presentations in faculty meetings.

Nina has taken her leadership and management skills from teaching and transferred them into the corporate world. Nina enjoys working as a Senior Analyst in Exactus because she enjoys helping people solve problems, optimize solutions and assists in finding the best ways to meet objectives and deadlines. Nina is passionate about developing and customizing training programs that targets individual needs.

Nina loves to go for walks, explore new dinner spots in the city, watch thriller/mystery movies, spend time with friends and her dog, Buddy. Nina has lived in Chicago most of her life but still can’t get use to the winters in the windy city.

Client Testimonial

“Nina was my instructional leader and I have learned a tremendous amount from her professionalism, ability to manage a room and her unique ability to get along with anyone. When Nina is in front of people it is hard not to listen and stay engaged. She has really helped me develop my ability to handle tough conversations with staff, parents and students. Nina demonstrates the importance of activating prior knowledge before she starts a lesson along with making sure objectives are clearly understood. She is passionate about making sure test results reflect student improvement, comprehension while comparing previous assessments and trends. Nina has taught me many ways to help students stay accountable to their work and progress.”


Susan Torres – Teacher at Perspectives Math and Science Academy, Chicago IL.