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Amy Fluke

Amy Fluke


Amy has earned a reputation as the go-to person for leaders of both private and public organization to untangle and resolve their most complex or high impact organizational or operational issues. Her unique style has afforded her over 20 years of success in leading, inspiring and empowering management and staff to resolve and implement needed changes. She has been hand selected by executive leaders to tackle previously failed attempts to make necessary change or build teaming among highly disgruntled employees. She also helps clients drive strategic and annual operating plans.

Amy's clients concur that she is distinguished from others in her field in 3 ways, her:

  • Midwestern unassuming but no-nonsense, results-driven (like a dog after a bone), direct but fun, style
  • Ability to garner teaming of even the most disgruntled/dysfunctional teams, listening and supporting them to not only discover, but also to implement, the needed change
  • Skills in taking an ambiguous, sloppy issue and framing-it-up to create a logical solution and making the journey of change palatable for all

Amy's rich consulting and employment experience combined with her formal education focus in business, marketing and communication from the University of Iowa and graduate school at the University of Northern Iowa provide her the background to succeed in challenging projects.

Amy credit's her son's Benny (16) and Owen (14) for her tireless practice and honed skills in facilitation, mediation and negotiation in order to inspire and sustain needed change - making this her most challenging (and rewarding) work-to-date.