Lisa Mitchell


Ashley Gilmore

Education / Certifications

M.S.M.  Management, Indiana Institute of Technology  

B.S. Business Administration, Indiana Institute of Technology 

Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI), International Association of Interviewers 

Certified Body Language Trainer  


Lisa specializes in communications, leadership development, and change management with the goal of helping organizations be as effective and efficient with their clients, employees, and processes to optimize revenue and successfully navigate the transformation experience. 

Effective communication is a critical piece to any successful transformational initiative, and Lisa equips leaders and teams with the skills and systems necessary to communicate strategically with key stakeholders through the entire project lifecycle. Being able to confidently manage how you are showing up in a room and being able to accurately decode what is happening on the other side of your face is a key leadership communication skillset that she loves to teach and equip teams with.  

Lisa’s background as an operations executive, a business owner, SaaS company Co-Founder/COO and communications expert give her the unique ability to quickly adapt to any business environment and bring a deep level of understanding of the needs of your company during a time of transformation.  

Client Testimonial

Lisa supported Exactus as our communication coach and she quickly became an invaluable partner to our leadership team.  We expanded her responsibilities to support the entire company.  She has a unique talent and her expertise with body language and situational awareness has added a tremendous value to the firm.  We are better prepared for client and personal situations – it helped us become better.” 

— Tom Lebamoff, CEO & Managing Partner of Exactus Advisors