Leadership & Strategy

We aim to help our clients reach their maximum organizational potential by inspiring human behavior through meaningful leadership.

Exactus helps leaders better understand their organizations by facilitating cultural transformation through behavioral change. We design our client-specific offerings to teach and empower leaders throughout the breadth and depth of their organization. We help leaders achieve alignment to drive repeatable success.

We’ve achieved success for our clients in the following areas:

  • Keynotes
  • Executive Leadership Series (ELS)
  • HR strategy
  • 1:1 Executive Coaching
  • leadership speaking engagements
  • leadership development programs
  • metrics & governance
  • company mission & vision refinement
  • 360 degree feedback
  • organizational culture and climate assessment

With Exactus, you gain a partner that can reinvigorate your leadership, people, and culture at all levels. We carefully analyze, curate, and recommend solutions designed to fortify your organization and pave the way ahead.

“So, how do we lead with grace? What does graceful leadership look like? Grace looks like composure and quiet confidence. Grace means sureness and strength, but it also means to lead with gratitude and humility. To lead with grace, we must inspire those who would follow us. Graceful leaders understand servant leadership. They are willing to listen, quick to admit when they are wrong. Graceful leaders exhibit calm and poise under pressure, displaying high emotional intelligence.”


What Can Honey Bees Teach Us

Bees have two major roles: “in-house” jobs and “foraging” jobs “In-house” jobs are extensive. They include nursing, tending to the queen bee needs, hive cleaning, bee grooming, undertaker, honeycomb building, and hive maintenance. In terms of “foraging”, they must...

Leadership Push with Jimmy Blackmon

As we prepare to begin phasing back into work, I’ve asked myself what I might focus on if I was planning to return to a new normal in my own company. I see an opportunity for a restart in many regards. This unexpected time out, whether we like it or not, provides us...

Exactus Advisors Launches Leadership Practice

Chicago, IL - 05/06/2020 - Exactus Advisors LLP (Exactus), a nationally recognized advisory firm, is proud to announce the launch of our Leadership and Strategy practice, led by Jimmy F. Blackmon. Focused on addressing the complex leadership and strategy challenges at...