John Rowell

Operating Partner

Darian Barnett


Master of Business Administration (MBA) – University of Queensland

Global Consulting Practicum (MBA) – The Wharton School 

Master of Arts – Strategy & Policy – University of New South Wales

Command and Staff Course – Australian Defence Force Command and Staff College


John Rowell has held leadership and management positions throughout his military and aviation career. He comes with a wealth of experience directing complex combat operations within three of the world’s leading militaries: the Australian, British and U.S. armies. 

Throughout his career and from within multiple organizations, John has seen the good, the bad and the ugly. He has come to understand the importance of genuine leadership, knowing your people and the art of strategy and culture.

John can get the best out of a team. His strengths are team building, developing leaders, strategic planning and execution and culture. But most importantly, he brings these fundamentals together into a coherent and potent, goal-driven organizational mix. 

John continues to enjoy aviation, surfing, golf, shooting and American whiskey


Personal Statement

Overcoming complexity and ambiguity is a challenge that organizations must embrace, not avoid. To succeed in these environments an organization must think and breathe on its own – it must have agency. This is achieved through genuine leadership and an empowered team supported by the right strategy and culture.

-John Rowell