Exactus Advisors


John McBroom


John has over 20 years of deep technology experience across consulting, corporate, and acquired startup environments.

“John is a true partner. He instilled trust, pushed the team to be customer focused, and helped the business make the best technology-related decisions. I keep a list of people that I feel comfortable calling upon in case of a business emergency – John is at the top of that list.” – Mike Mauseth, Former President, Tenant Screening Company, CEO, MapVida

John’s areas of expertise include:

  • Technology architectures
  • IT strategy, planning, and portfolio management
  • Software product design and development
  • Large, complex, risky systems implementations
  • Financial Services, Healthcare, and Supply Chain industries

John helps his clients determine how to apply existing and emerging technologies to take advantage of business opportunities, and how to mobilize their organizations to do so.  He understands how technology work gets prioritized and delivered across organizations of all sizes. If it happens in an IT shop, he’s probably done it.

John does not hesitate to help clients in whatever way is most valuable. He is equally comfortable authoring board-level presentations, illustrating product concepts, creating project plans, designing architectures or reviewing code.

John lives in Chicago, IL with his lovely wife and two kids, where he instills a love of the Twins, Cubs, Vikings, Blackhawks and Canadiens, and teaches the kids about card counting and point spreads. He enjoys annoying his family with bad jokes, bad guitar playing and bad renditions of 80s music. When not in Chicago, they are most likely in the Laurentian Mountains in Québec.

BS in Electrical Engineering, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Leadership Direct, Harvard Business Publishing