Frances Tilney Burke


Darian Barnett


Bachelor of Arts, History & Literature, Harvard University

Master of Philosophy, Latin American Studies, Oxford University

Master of Arts in Law & Diplomacy, The Fletcher School, Tufts University

Doctor of Philosophy, International Relations, The Fletcher School Tufts University

Next Generation National Security Leader, Center for a New American Security

World Politics and Statecraft Fellow, The Smith Richardson Foundation

Visiting Research Fellow, The American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC

George P. Shultz Visiting Post-Doctoral Fellow, The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute


Frances Tilney Burke has spent her career between academia and defense and foreign policy. She has worked directly for two deputy secretaries of defense and was a policy adviser on some of the U.S. Department of Defense’s most complex issues. She has traveled and worked extensively in Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East, and also lived in Washington, DC, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Washington State, and Hawaii during her husband’s many tours of duty with the Army.

Frances is passionate about the written word and how best to express complex ideas into coherent, usable, readable language. She enjoys helping people best communicate their strengths and plan effective and enduring strategies. Frances has been published in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Weekly Standard, National Review, The National Interest, Foreign Policy, and other outlets. She is an Adjunct Professor of the Practice of National Security at the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University.

She is most proud of raising her four children and performing the role of volunteer leader for multiple Army family organizations. Frances enjoys spending time with her busy family, gardening, reading, cooking, and playing tennis.