Business Optimization & Transformation

Scaling, optimizing, and automating across people, process, and technology.

With rapidly changing technology it’s hard to know what you need for the continual growth of your business. Exactus has the expertise and experience to get you to the right solution for your business.

Every successful business, at some point, will experience critical inflection points with their business platform that will require a transformation or process automation to sustain or grow EBITDA. We know that these kinds of projects are complex and can seem overwhelming.

Exactus is the client champion for major transformation projects and enterprise process improvement initiatives. Our team helps clients clearly understand what their needs are and navigate the technology, processes, and systems that enable and optimize those positive changes.

We’ve achieved success for our clients in the following areas:

  • Continuous Improvement / Lean Six Sigma
  • Strategic Roadmap
  • Comprehensive Implementation Plan & Delivery
  • Software & Vendor Selection
  • Transformation Risk Mitigation & Cost Savings
  • Process Automation Opportunity, Identification & Optimization
Whether you’ve identified a specific operational need or you just know that there’s opportunity to do things better, we make the transformational journey seamless, driving towards clear outcomes without getting siloed into narrow perspectives or competing priorities. Exactus has the experience and expertise to manage the process from end-to-end, without putting the demands and added stress on your key team members. Transformation is much more than selecting the vendors involved or the specific solution to automate, it takes targeted coordination of all parties, clear communication between stakeholders, and ongoing client support to see the project through to a successful and sustainable outcome.

That’s what Exactus does.

“We help companies scale profitability, sustain the improvement, and drive process efficiency that enables your employees to work on higher value activities. No other consulting firm has our formula to optimize processes – our wide range of expertise combined with our innovative approach.”


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