Exactus Advisors


It's not what you do, it's how you do it.

 Exactus' expertise is laser-focused on three areas to deliver maximum value and leadership support. We want to work on your highest-value initiatives, delivering results and mitigating the associated risk areas. We leverage your insights and guidance, along with operational and transactional data, to provide fact-based information for better decision making.


Areas of Expertise

Business Improvement
& Risk Mitigation

  • Operational Assessment & Planning

  • Sales & Marketing Channel Alignment

  • Commercialization Optimization – 
    New product development, new customer onboarding, new product onboarding

  • Network & Inventory Optimization

  • Sourcing Optimization & Programs

  • Pricing Analysis & Exception Management – Expedite orders, discounts, delivered price

  • Information Dashboard for Sales & Marketing, Sourcing, Supply Chain & Manufacturing

  • Leadership Development & Coaching

  • Delivery Assurance Audit & Advisory


Value Execution & Extraction

  • Delivery Assurance – Objective Project and/or Program Management

  • Strategic IT Planning

  • Operational & IT Due Diligence – Focusing on customer service, sales & marketing, supply chain, warehouse distribution and IT

  • Pre & Post-Merger Planning & Execution

  • Planning and Execution Carve Out

  • NewCo Startup

  • Reverse Due Diligence – Preparing for a sale


Whether it’s a headquarters move, business initiative or a large global ERP project, the hurdles and challenges are all the same:

- The best people are not on the project
- Incentives are not aligned
- Executives are not aligned

- Poor communications
- Not the top 3 priorities in the company
- The company or the leaders have never done it before

For troubled projects, we use our 4-point methodology:

1. Reform
2. Adjust the Plan & Design
3. Modify the Build
4. Stabilize, Adjust & Achieve