If you’re in the consulting services space, it’s critical to know who your actual buyer is. We often hear from our clients that many other consultants have walked into the first meeting with them assuming that they knew who was making the buying decision and only engaged with that person. Taking that approach can be a fatal error in the consulting business and will harm your credibility as a trusted partner.

So how do you identify your buyer and what are some best practices to managing this process effectively? Exactus Advisors CEO Tom Lebamoff weighs in on best practices in this video.

Two Things to Get Right:

1) Understand the decision-making process and culture before you walk into the room.

2) Don’t just assume that a C-Suite Title = Buyer.

There are a few pitfalls that you should avoid. Being aggressive during the selling process, coming in with an ego, or assuming the client does not know what they are doing or that their team doesn’t have the talent required will result in a negative and possibly confrontational interaction and a likely loss of the deal.