Connor Hoffman


Jackson Zingsheim


Mt. Vernon High School Class of 2019

Currently attending Indiana University Bloomington – Majoring in Entrepreneurship & Information Systems


Connor has joined the Exactus Team as part of the Intern Development Program. He will be contributing by helping clients with research, providing dashboards, and assisting with any client project needs.

Connor has a knack for getting heavily involved with the problem at hand, leveraging focus and diligence to tackle whatever is in front of him. He believes that progress begins by mastering the basic processes and then garnishing them by going beyond the level of quality that the client expects. His end-goal is to ensure the client is getting more business value than they need or asked for.

As a student at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, he is currently studying Entrepreneurship and Information Systems. He understands that this is one of the most important times for him to achieve personal and social growth, taking advantage of every opportunity to learn about himself and meet new friends.

Connor enjoys playing piano, meditating, kendama, building computers, and hiking in his free time.


Connor brings a friendly attitude and effective problem solving skills to the table, creating an environment where colleagues and clients feel that they’re in good hands.