About Us

Exactly what you value. Exactly what you need.

As an advisory firm, we see our clients as the people who do the work not just the name on the building they work in. That’s why we invest our time to get to know you, allowing us to use a combination of our expertise and your insight to create a uniquely tailored approach for you and your business. With over three decades of experience advising clients, our team is proven at leading toward the same result every time: improved, sustainable value.

We don’t just say we’re different – we are.

Our Values


We do what we say, and we say what we do. We provide experienced consultants that can be an extension of your management team and work directly with senior leadership and your team members.

Honesty and Candor

We have the ability to articulate tough messages in a thoughtful, helpful way. Our team brings the right amount of finesse and directness in our delivery, effectively guiding our clients through challenges and complexity toward simple, practical solutions.


At some of the other consulting firms they focus on selling the big solution and extension work. At Exactus, we simply recommend what works best for your organization and its bottom line.

Speed and Flexibility

Many other consulting firms use a rigid methodology to drive engagements. Exactus is instead able to be more flexible to address the solution at hand. We value experience and speed over a to-do set of methodologies.


We’re not here just to assess a situation and then leave. We’re here to get to know you, develop relationships and build your teams internal skills to leave your company in a better place.

Emotional Connection

For us, it’s personal – We’re not just passionate about the work – we’re passionate about who we work with too. We want to exclusively work with clients that we’re emotionally connected to. If we don’t know you, we need to get to know you. We’re willing to invest our time to make sure it’s the right fit on both ends before we work together.

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