Aaron Claycomb

Customer Success Analyst

Hayley Daniel


Education / Certifications

BA History, University of Kentucky  



Aaron brings great experience in Customer Service, Analytics, project management, software product support and teamwork. Having worked with a SAAS company previously, Aaron worked in onboarding and implementation and was also a liaison between Software Engineers and the clients themselves. He will be bringing that skillset onboard with Exactus.

As a Customer Success Analyst at Exactus, Aaron works one on one with clients to enhance their knowledge and functionality into our system so their businesses’ analytical acumen enhances their strategic goals to make the best possible decisions for their business.

Aaron resides in Crestwood, Kentucky with his wife Michelle and two children, Cole and Chloe. In his spare time, he is an avid Kentucky fan, History buff, and loves to grill whenever he can.  


Aaron is a multi-faceted individual with a diverse skill set. Aaron is proficient with Salesforce and Microsoft Office. Ever the team player, Aaron can serve as well as lead.